Assalamu'alaikum.... :)
Ini adalah autobiografi ku yang dibuat untuk tugas bahasa inggris...
#Maklum kalau masih amburadul
chek it out.. 


            My name is Choirun Nisa, but people usually call me choir or cho. I was born on May,19th 1995 in Sleman Yogyakarta. I live at Plosokuning 3 Minomartani Ngaglik Sleman Yogyakarta with my father, my mother, and my elder sisters. My first sister is Faidatul Hasanah, and she has been married. My second sister is Hanifatul Mafazah. Now, she is studying Economic Education at UNY on her 7th semester. I should have had little sister, but she had died when she was born. It was ten years ago.
            I entered kindegarten when I was four years old. I seldom went to kindergarten, because my mother could not accompany me to go to school. Years later, I went to SDN Karangjati. It was near from my house. There were just 19 students in my class. My friends and I used to go to field and play together. That momment was memmorable for me. After I graduated from elementary school, I went to SMP N 1 Depok. I didn’t join any organization. That’s I became not popular. When I was in SMA N 6 YOGYAKARTA, I joined some organization such as KIR, ROHIS, and Scout. Because of these organizations, I could interact with others very well. I got many experiences.
            When I was in Senior High School, I joined a research competition by LPB and became finalist. I also joined Sagasitas Research Exhibition in DIY region. My team successfully made research about utility of manggo  . Not only research, I also joined Statistic Olympiad at UGM and I won as semifinalist.
            I felt difficult in my life when I couldn’t pass “SNMPTN Undangan”, I decided to choose “Gizi Kesehatan” of UGM and Chemistry of UNY. Then, I tried “SBMPTN”, but I still couldn’t pass it. I was so desperate that Ifelt like to give up. It seemed harder knowing that my friends were accepted in state university. After that, I tried “SM UNY”, but the result was disappointed. For the last chance I took “UM UGM” and the result was very suprising. I was accepted in Statistic.
            On the future of my life, in 2017 I will be graduated from Statistic UGM and then I will work at BPOM. Years after that, in 2019 I will be married with my destiny. After that, my husband and I will take a master degree in Japan University. We will build a bussines, a restaurant “Halal Food”, and  “LSM”. I have some mottos that “Allah is The Best  Planner”, “life must go on” and “do the best”.

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